More than 200 sites work on our software in BestChange
Secure turnkey decentralized crypto exchanger with training and placement
in monitoring websites
We've been creating profitable exchangers for over 7 years
Top exchangers by number of reviews on BestChange on our software
A complete solution for creating a turnkey exchanger:
Post-launch support and legal support
Training of administrators to work with exchangers and process applications
Placement in top monitoring websites
Protection from scammers and fraudulent schemes
What is included in the service:
Technical support
Free technical support for working with the script and free updates to the script to new versions.
Support in work
Free consultations in the chat in Telegram for 3 months with the current owner of the exchanger after the training. Follow-up support on a fee basis.
Placement in monitoring websites
Accelerated placement* in the monitoring websites from 1 to 6 months, subject to their requirements, the verification of the identity of the owner of the exchanger.
* - listing within the stated time frame is not guaranteed
Creating topics on the forums
The design of topics on major crypto-forums and reviewers.
Legal advice
Free legal advice in the legal field of cryptocurrency exchange up to 10 hours. Subsequent consultations are conducted on a fee basis.
Operators training
Training to work with the exchanger from the current owner of the exchanger with more than 7 years of experience. The training program is available here. Additional hours beyond the training program are paid separately.
Setting up your exchanger
We'll create up to 500 exchange directions according to BestChange requirements. Select the best rates and connect up to 15 payment systems for receipt and payment. We'll set up mail sending, telegram notifications, online chat, etc.
Unique design
Taking into account your brand colors and wishes, within the technical capabilities of the script. The design has an adaptive layout for all types of devices.
Exchanger script
Unlimited time license for Premium Exchanger. Free updates to the script.
Setting up server security
The server is placed in a data center in Germany/Kazakhstan (or other jurisdiction) and its security is configured. We also configure the website security.
We are a team of developers of the popular Premium Exchanger script with over 7 years of experience
> 500 exchangers
Was created on our software
> 1000 reviews
Positive reviews about our work
> 2,5 years
Average age of the exchanger
>200 exchangers
BestChange and others work on our software
You will get a complete exchanger with staff training and placement in the monitoring websites
Stages of creation
Contract and staged payment
We conclude a contract for the development of the exchanger. Contract with a company in the UAE. Phased payment in USDT/USD/EUR.
Technical and informational support when working with the site after its launch.
Placement in monitoring websites
Support for adding to the top monitoring websites:,,
We implement the planned stages. We provide regular progress reports and feedback.
Performing the steps
Harmonization of stages
We will agree on the stages of work, detail them, indicate the cost of each stage and its timing.
Free Consultation
We'll call you via Zoom/Google meet, discuss the tasks at hand, and outline a personal plan of action.


Website only

Domain, server, site and server security setup.

Premium Exchanger script (unlimited time license),

hedging modules and BTC bulk payments.

Development of a unique design.

Placing in the TOP-2 and TOP-3 monitoring websites,

$15 500
(installment up to 2 months)
Website, training and placement in TOP monitoring websites
  • Everything covered in the "Website only" rate
  • Training on exchanger management and business from the administrator of the existing exchanger
  • Assistance in placing in the TOP monitoring websites,,
$ ̶6̶9̶ ̶0̶0̶0̶ 41 900
(installment up to 4 months)
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